Rug & Pillow Orders

Rugs and pillows are excluded from free shipping and have a shipping fee based on price and/or quantity. Any of these items will ship directly from our partner Loloi, and will arrive separately and receive a separate tracking email from other items in your order. Please allow an additional 7–14 days for your order to be processed and shipped. Rugs ship in a clear plastic sleeve.

Each rug in your order will ship individually and incur its own shipping fee. In order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, FedEx is not currently requiring signature upon delivery. At this time, we are only able to ship rugs and pillows to the United States, US Territories, and Canada. Domestic pillow shipping fees are $10 for one pillow, $15 for two or more, and $40 for the floor pillow. Domestic rug shipping fees are:
Up to $75$20
$75–$250 $25
$250–$900 $45
Over $900 $85
International Shipping and Stockists
At this time, we are unable to ship rugs and pillows outside of the U.S., U.S. Territories, and Canada. Please email if you’d like to be added to our list of customers to notify if international shipping options or international stockists become available for these items.
How do I go about returning my rug / pillow?
To ensure all products meet our hygiene standards, pillows are considered final sale and not eligible for returns.

We accept returns for rugs within 30 days as long as the rug is in new and unused condition in the original packaging. Please note the customer is considered responsible for any return shipping costs, but we typically recommend using a carrier like UPS or FedEx, as they are better equipped to handle larger items. Once you’re ready to make your return, please contact us at

I received the incorrect rug / pillow, how do I receive the correct one?
We’re so sorry to hear this! Drop us a note at with your order number as well as photos of the incorrect style you received so we can help get the correct style shipped to you as quickly as possible.
My rug arrived with a crease in it, what should I do?
A rug crease is usually easily fixed by simply re-rolling the rug tightly on the diagonal, and then letting it sit for a day or two before un-rolling again. We recommend starting in one corner and tightly re-rolling the rug slowly and evenly. If needed, tie a piece of rope around the rug to keep it tightly rolled once done. By doing this 'diagonal' roll it should eliminate the majority of creases. Once laid out flat any remaining creases should also disappear quickly. If they don't, a second rolling from a different corner should do the trick. Occasionally a rug may have a severe crease which will not come out by reverse-rolling, in which case we encourage you to email our team at for additional assistance.
My rug is shedding or sprouting fibers, what should I do?
Shedding is a normal process on almost all rugs, especially on wool rugs as the shorter staple wool becomes undone when the rug is first walked on and used. We recommend vacuuming on a regular basis, including flipping the rug over to vacuum the back of the rug to help this process. With proper care, the shedding process only lasts for a short period of time, and then becomes very minimal.

Sprouting is also a normal process on many rugs. It occurs when a strand or fiber becomes loose and sticks above the rest of the fibers. If not handled quickly, walking on that fiber will cause it to sprout or blossom and stand out even more. Simply pull the loose thread up with a small amount of pressure, and then take a small pair of scissors and snip the thread even with the top of the pile (do not dig down into the pile.) This will not damage the rug in any way.

The stitching on the edges of printed rugs can fray due to vacuuming and normal wear and tear. To fix, simply cut the frayed thread close to the pile of the rug, without pulling on it.
My rug is fading, is this normal?
While our printed rugs score very highly for sunlight protection, some fading will inevitably occur. It will begin to slightly fade once exposed to a certain amount of sunlight and foot traffic. There are a few techniques which can delay the process, such as rotating the rug to keep the wear and sun exposure as even as possible, keeping out of direct sunlight, and drawing shades when possible.
How do I care for my rug?
Clean spills immediately by blotting with a clean sponge or cloth. For everyday maintenance, use a vacuum cleaner with no beater bar, or set the beater bar to the highest pile setting with the lowest power setting. Professional cleaning is recommended to maximize the rug's longevity, and rug pads are recommended for use on hard floors to prevent slipping and wear. Limit sunlight exposure to prevent fading and discoloration.
Can I use a cleaning solution/wash my rug in the washing machine?
We strongly advise working with a professional to clean your rug, and do not have any recommended cleaning solutions to do this process at home beyond the care instructions for regular spills. We do not recommend using a washing machine for any of our rugs.
Can I use my rug outdoors, or in a bathroom?
Our indoor/outdoor rugs are treated to be able to withstand some exposure to the elements, but still will be affected by exposure to sun and water over time. Our Monstera and Terracotta printed rugs are made with UV resistant inks and are treated to be mold and mildew resistant. Our Jacquard rugs are also printed with UV resistant inks. If your outdoor space is covered, or your rug will not be exposed to anything beyond a light rainfall, it should be fine. We recommend hanging rugs to dry to maintain the integrity of the construction over long-term use. Rugs not marked for outdoor use should not be used outdoors.

We do not recommend any of our rugs for use in the bathroom, since humid conditions and lack of ventilation would not allow them to try properly. Our rugs would be appropriate for a powder room.
Color Variations
Please note that while we try to make sure the photos on our website are as accurate as possible for each item, some slight variance in color shades are normal for our rugs and pillows, due to the color dye process for specific production runs. Please email if you have any concerns regarding the color of your item, or if you believe your item would fall outside normal color variance, and we would be happy to find a solution for you.
Layout and Scale
The layout and scale of our rugs is adjusted to accommodate each available size, and may be different than what is pictured on the product page. Images of each size are available by hovering over the desired size on our desktop site.
Pillow Insert Sizes
If you’d rather purchase an insert for your pillow from a different retailer, you’re welcome to do so. We recommend using a slightly larger insert than the dimensions of the cover. Listed below are the suggested insert dimensions based on the pillow cover size.

22" x 22" Pillow : 24" x 24" Insert
18" x 18" Pillow : 20" x 20" Insert
27" x 12" Pillow : 13" x 28" Insert
35" x 13" Pillow : 14" x 36" Insert
26" x 16" Pillow : 18" x 28" Insert
21" x 13" Pillow : 14" x 22" Insert

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