TAT010 In Stock Made in USA

Everyday Temporary Tattoos

Dog Days

Collection of 2 Temporary Tattoo sheets

Dog Days Collection of 2 Temporary Tattoo sheets

Two matching sheets of dog tattoos illustrated by Anna Bond and made by Tattly. 16 designs, two of each design.

Format Dog Days Tattoo
Material Vegetable-Based Ink
Process Full-color
Count Set of 2 Tattoo sheets
Origin Made in USA
Step 1 Remove clear sheet, trim with scissors and apply face down to clear, dry skin
Step 2 Hold wet cloth against tattoo for 30 seconds
Step 3 Peel off paper backing and gently rinse image with water for best effect
Step 4 To remove: Use regular household tape – stick it over the edge of your tattoo, rub it a little and peel it away

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