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Pineapple (Sorbet)

Screen Printed

Pineapple (Sorbet) Screen Printed Pineapple (Sorbet) Screen Printed Pineapple (Sorbet) Screen Printed
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The Pineapple Sorbet wallpaper features deep yellow pineapples, pink flowers, and blue leaves printed on white paper. Ships directly from Hygge & West.

We're thrilled to debut our first wallpaper collection. We decided to partner with Hygge & West due to their reputation for high-quality printing and papers. Every pattern is screen printed in Chicago on coated, durable, and fade-resistant paper with a technique that gives a hand-painted look. "The pineapple pattern was the last one that we designed and it's turned out to be one of my favorites. I really wanted a more formal pattern that was in in a grid rather than organic like the rest of the collection. Pineapples seemed like a fitting subject and we added signature florals around each one." - Anna Bond

Format 27R
Material Coated Paper
Process Screen Printed
Features Vertical Repeat 18"
Origin Made in USA

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