Behind The Print

The Story of Camont

Anna Bond's travels took her to an idyllic 18th-century farmhouse owned by chef Kate Hill ( where she was inspired by it's fig trees, roaming chickens, and overgrown hydrangeas. The house, along with a historical pattern from York Wallcoverings' archives provided the inspiration for our new Camont wallpaper pattern.

The stone farmhouse has a storybook feel, with ivy climbing up the walls and classic French blue windows and doors.

York's extensive archives of antique wallpaper patterns provided the layout inspiration. Anna repainted every element with the Gascony countryside in mind.

Anna painted her favorite elements of Camont: the stone house, fig trees, chickens, and blooming gardens.

Kate Hill's perfectly rustic kitchen at the Camont farmhouse where she hosts visitors from around the world for culinary experiences and cooking classes.

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