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Current Plan

Welcome to the World of Rifle Paper Co.

Anna Bond's hand-painted artwork and distinctive color palette are at the heart of Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co.

We create moments of unexpected beauty in the real world.

Since 2009

15 Years

This Fall, we celebrate a milestone of 15 years as a brand. Rifle Paper Co. began in 2009 with a line of distinctive illustrated stationery, greeting cards, and invitations (inspired by Anna & Nathan's). Since then, we have expanded into a lifestyle brand with everything from shoes to wallpaper and collaborations with notable brands like Target. Today, you’ll find us in thousands of retailers, big and small, around the world. And at the heart of our brand, we are still a small entrepreneurial team who is passionate about bringing beautiful, quality products to life in a meaningful way.

A Note From our Co-Founder

Anna Bond

I’ve had a love of stationery and art for as long as I can remember. I grew up in New Jersey collecting postage stamps, writing letters to friends, painting, and designing. After earning my bachelor’s degree in graphic design, I made my way to Florida to work as an art director and soon after arriving I met Nathan, a touring musician. Together we founded Rifle Paper Co. as a way to try to earn an income as a newlywed musician and freelance designer. Since 2009 we have worked hard to build on our simple mission: to create beautiful, quality products that bring joy to the everyday. Today, I work closely with our team as I hand-paint our original artwork, design products, and bring new ideas to life as both the brand’s Chief Creative Officer and CEO. Nathan and I live halfway between the Rifle Paper Co. flagship store and fulfillment center in a busy house filled with our five young children. I hope you love what we create and we are always listening to new ideas and your feedback along the way.


Anna Bond  Co-founder, CCO & CEO

Why I started rifle paper co.
“I started this brand creating products I loved and would be proud to use myself. Many years later, I still feel that way. What makes me happiest is hearing how much joy our products bring to people such as a colorful pen to liven up your work desk or a card that is used to bring a note of encouragement to someone who needs it most.”

Anna Bond, Co-Founder & Artist