Palais Collection

Bold and bright, the Palais collection brings together our florals and colors with traditional rug motifs. Crafted in partnership with Loloi, these rugs feature printed patterns on a soft polyester base that is both colorfast and stain resistant.

  1. Back Soon

    Luxembourg Black Rug

    Rifle Paper Co. - Luxembourg Black $50.00
  2. Luxembourg Rose Rug

    Loloi - Luxembourg Rose $50.00
  3. Luxembourg Stone Rug

    Loloi - Luxembourg Stone $50.00
  4. Terrace Blue Rug

    Loloi - Terrace Blue $50.00
  5. Terrace Dove Rug

    Loloi - Terrace Dove $50.00
  6. Terrace Indigo Rug

    Loloi - Terrace Indigo $50.00
  7. Meadow Snow Rug

    Loloi - Meadow Snow $50.00
  8. Meadow Navy Rug

    Loloi - Meadow Navy $50.00
  9. Meadow Crimson Rug

    Loloi - Meadow Crimson $50.00

Les Fleurs Collection

The Les Fleurs collection brings a fresh take on florals. Crafted in partnership with Loloi by artisans in India, these rugs feature iconic designs, and are made of soft, 100% wool. For added dimension, hand-carved accents on the colorful florals create depth and texture in every piece.

  1. Juliet Rose Wreath Blue Rug

    Loloi - Juliet Rose Wreath Blue $100.00
  2. Juliet Rose Wreath Indigo Rug

    Loloi - Juliet Rose Wreath Indigo $100.00
  3. Juliet Rose Wreath Ivory Rug

    Loloi - Juliet Rose Wreath Ivory $100.00
  4. Juliet Rose Bouquet Blush Rug

    Loloi - Juliet Rose Bouquet Blush $100.00
  5. Juliet Rose Bouquet Black Rug

    Loloi - Juliet Rose Bouquet Black $100.00
  6. Lourdes Black Rug

    Loloi - Lourdes Black $100.00
  7. Floral Vines Ivory Rug

    Loloi - Floral Vines Ivory $100.00
  8. Floral Vines Indigo Rug

    Loloi - Floral Vines Indigo $100.00

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